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December 2015

How to Host a Fun Girls-Night-In Spray Tan Party

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Did someone say PARTY?!?! <3

We all love a good party, but have you heard of a spray tanning party? It’s the latest craze among ladies who are looking for a different, but fun, night in.

Bronze Beauty has hosted many spray tan parties over the years and they are so much fun! The only rule of a spray tan party is that you must have a minimum of 4 people. That’s it! Of course, you can invite as many friends as you want and if you have 6 or more people who are at the party and get a spray tan, yours will be FREE!! Yes, FREE!!! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Our spray tan party packages start out at $35/person for 4-6 people. If you have 6 or more people, it’s only $30/person and if you have over 12 (holy party!!!), it’s only $25/person. Additional charges to apply if you live over 20 miles of us!

So how does a spray tan party work? Well I am glad you asked ;-). Like any appointment, I come with my handy dandy pop up tent, a filter fan to grab the extra solution so nothing gets on your stuff, and all the different shades so that each person can get the perfect color! Each person will take about 10-15 minutes. I usually tell people that if you have 6 people at the party, I will be there about 2 hours. We set up the tent in a private space in the house so only myself and the client are in the room. While one person gets sprayed, the others can talk about how excited they are to get a spray tan and of course drink some beverages and munch on some snacks. After the person is done with their session, they usually like to go out with the others and show off what they just got. That’s my favorite part! I always like hearing how the girls ohhhh and ahh over the color. Makes my job all worth it!

When everyone is finished spraying, I pack up all my stuff and everyone is left with a gorgeous glow!

And that’s how it is done! So who wants to book a spray tanning party? It’s fun, relaxing, and an excuse to get together and wear comfy clothes! Have additional question? Feel free to call us at 412-301-5455 (you may also text) or email us at

Until next time….

Happy Bronzing!


-Sarah <3


What Do I Wear During and After My Spray Tan

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This is another popular one I get asked a lot. What do I wear when I get sprayed and what do I wear after I get sprayed.

What to wear during your spray tan:

When you get your spray tan, you WILL get solution on whatever you are wearing in the booth. When I spray, I try not to go over the clothes and just mainly stick to the skin. But sometimes, the solution does get on the clothes. Most of it does wash out. I’ve had clothes covered in solution before and I never had any solution stain the clothing. What I recommend doing is going in with something that is older and if you get sprayed a lot, you don’t mind some solution getting on it. As far as how much clothing you should wear for your appointment, that is totally up to the client. I have a lot of clients go topless and just wear bottoms. I also have a lot who want to wear a top. If you do wear a top, I always make sure it’s low enough or covering the right parts of the skin, so you don’t show tan lines in whatever you are wearing. If you want to wear straps on your top during your session, go right ahead! We want to make sure the client feels comfortable, and would never make them take off clothes they do not want too.

What to wear after your spray tanning session:

SIMPLE…..dark, loose fitting clothes! Emphasis on LOOSE FITTING!! The reason I say dark, is because if you plan on going out after your spray tan or wear a light color, you will see some of the bronzer rub off onto the clothes. Again, it washes out! You want to make sure whatever you are putting on does not hug the skin too tight. If your clothes are too tight, it can rub the tan right off. It’s best to wear loose sweat pants and a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt. Absolutely NO jeans, socks, or leggings. Wait until after your first initial shower to wear these. Ladies, I also recommend to keep your bra straps down after your session. If you keep them up, you will cause tan lines on the shoulders.

Most clients like to get their spray tans at night, so when they are done, they dry a little and hop right into bed. Just to play it safe, I always have my “Spray tanning sheets” on the bed for the night of my tan. The sheets are dark so if I do get any solution on them, it won’t be noticeable and you can wash it right out. I like to wear sweat pants and a long t-shirt to bed. You want to make sure you don’t wear something to heavy that will cause you to sweat. Sweating after a spray tan is not good!!

I hope I was able to answer any questions about what to wear during and after your spray tanning session. Just remember, loose fitting for after and whatever you feel comfortable wearing during your spray tan.

If you have additional questions about this topic, feel free to email me at

Happy Tanning!

<3 Sarah <3