Should I Get a Spray Tan Before My Wedding?

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Should I Get a Spray Tan Before My Wedding?

So… you’re engaged (congrats!!) and you’re planning every last detail of the most important day of your life. You’ve found the dress, booked your glam squad, but you’re still seeking a way to achieve a sun-kissed glow. Only one thing seems to be holding you back: you’re scared. You’re scared of turning orange, looking too dark, or not looking like yourself. So, the question remains… should you get a spray tan before your big day? As expert spray tanning technicians at Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning, we’re here to tell you YES! And these are the reasons why:


Your Color Will Be Customized

At Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning, all of our solutions are customized with different color bases! This ensures that your skin will end up looking as dark, or as light as you want it to be. With these bases we have the ability to pull more dark tones, red tones, or even olive tone! The possibilities are essentially endless. The point being, you don’t need to worry about being too dark or too light. If you communicate with us about what you want, we have the resources to give you exactly what you’re looking for!


You Won’t Turn Orange

As we said before, because all of our solutions have different bases (brown, violet, red, olive, etc.) we know what solutions work best with lighter or darker skin tones. We never go too dark on someone who might have naturally fairer skin, because we know that would look unnatural on them. We truly customize our solutions to make sure that what we use on you will look GOOD on you!


Bring Your Bridesmaids & Get a Discount

If you’ve never had a spray tan party, you haven’t lived! Bring all your bridesmaids with you to get a discount on your spray tan! Whether it’s just a trial, or the tan for the big day, there’s nothing like having that bff support system to back you up, especially if it’s your first time.


Book a Trial Before the Real Deal

If you’ve never had a spray tan before and you want to try it out, we always recommend to brides that they book a trial about 3-4 weeks before their wedding. Another good idea is to book the trial around the time of your last wedding dress fitting. It’s always good to see exactly what your skin tone will look like in the wedding dress itself, and see if you like it.


You’ll Have an Experienced Spray Tan Tech

At Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning, we truly pride ourselves in being the best spray tanning salon in Pittsburgh. We’ve been in business for a little over 6 years, but in that seemingly short amount of time, we have sprayed thousands of clients… many of which have been brides! We’re a preferred vendor on Pittsburgh’s famous bridal blog, Burgh Brides (https://burghbrides.com/vendor-guide/beauty/bronze-beauty-spray-tanning/), and have received countless raving reviews from brides throughout the years. We know we have what it takes to give you that natural looking glow you’ve always dreamed of on the most important day of your life!


So, there you have it! Give us a call or message us on any of our social media platforms, and we would love to talk with you more about scheduling a bridal trial! We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Tanning!


What to Expect During a Spray Tan Session

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What to Expect During a Spray Tan Session:

So you’ve finally booked a spray tan… and you’re super excited. But there’s still something about the experience that makes you nervous because, frankly, you don’t know what to expect. Well have no fear! Here’s exactly what to expect the day of your spray tan:


Undress (To Your Comfort Level)

When you first get to our spray tanning studio, your spray tan tech will greet you and show you to the tanning booth. Here, they’ll let you undress to your comfort level. For women, some choose to go topless, wear a bathing suit, a strapless bra and panties, or go completely nude! Remember not worry about what your spray tan tech thinks… they’ve seen it all! As for men, they can wear underwear, swim trunks, or take advantage of the complementary disposable boxers we have in our studio!


Put On Sticky Feet & Hair Net

At Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning, we provide complementary sticky feet and hair nets, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. The sticky feet prevent the bottoms of your feet from getting solution on them while in the tanning booth. In addition, the hair net keeps your hair out of your face and off your body, as well as protects your hair from getting any spray tanning solution in it.


We Apply a pH Balance Spray to Your Skin

The pH balance spray is also complementary at Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning! It helps prepare your skin for the spray tan, and, in turn, helps your spray tan to last longer!


We Apply Barrier Cream to Your Hands, Knees, and Elbows

The barrier cream applied before the spray tanning session moisturizes those particularly dry parts of the body, such as the hands, knees and elbows. The driest parts of the body tend to soak up more of the solution, which can cause your tan to look darker in those areas. Adding a little bit of a barrier and moisture to these specific areas just before the session helps to even out your tan, and make it look the most natural!


Let the Spray Tanning Begin!

At Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning, we spray with an HPVL machine and spray gun. This process is done by hand, and only takes about 5-7 minutes. Your spray tan tech will let you know what ways to turn, bend, and move to ensure you get 100% full body coverage.


We’ll Dry You Off

Once your color looks equal and even, your spray tan tech will turn off the gun and get out the drying hose. They will use this hose to dry you for about 1-2 minutes until your skin no longer feels wet.


You’re Done!

When your skin dries, you’re officially done! When putting your clothes back on, make sure you wear baggy/ loose-fitting clothing to ensure you don’t accidentally rub any of the solution off your body. Some of the areas of your skin may still feel slightly sticky, but you should feel completely dry within an hour.


And there you have it! Now that you know exactly what to expect during your spray tan session, there’s no need to worry. Enjoy and happy tanning!

The Best Post-Spray Tan Products

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The Best Post- Spray Tan Products:

When it comes to taking care of your skin post-spray tan, we always say it’s important to use products that are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and free of any alcohols that may dry out the skin. A lot of people then say, “Okay, sounds great… so where can I find such products?” Well, it’s your lucky day, because we are about to s-p-e-l-l it out for you!


 1. Raw Sugar Body Wash

Raw Sugar bath and body products are an excellent option for your post-spray tan care. As a sulfate free, paraben free, dye-free, plant-derived and naturally sourced body wash, you can’t get much better!! We would highly recommend this product line to any of our clients.


2. Shea Moisture Body Wash + Lotion

Shea Moisture is also a great brand to use after your spray tan! In both their body wash and their body lotion products, they only ever use natural, organic ingredients… namely certified organic Shea Butter. It’s a perfect combination of products to look into, especially because moisturizing the skin post-spray tan ensures your spray tan will last longer.


3. Caress Shower Foam

The new Caress Shower Foam is a relatively new product from the Caress brand. As advertised, it’s light, airy, and surprisingly all-natural… making it perfect for post-spray tan usage! And, as bonus, all their scents are heavenly!


4. Specialty Products

Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning also carries other specialty products designed specifically for the purpose of ensuring a long-lasting spray tan. These products work best for both extending and building upon your sunless tan:

  • Sunstyle Catwalk Body Wash
  • Sunstyle Catwalk Sunless Tan Extending Lotion
  • Hempz Lotion
  • So Naughty Nude Body Wash
  • AYU Moisturizing Lotion
  • Amir Coconut Oil Lotion


Black List:

While talking about all the products you want to use after your spray tan, it’s also very important to remember the products you don’t want to use, as well. Make sure while taking care of your skin post-spray tan, you avoid the following products:

  • Dove or Dial Soap
  • Bath & Body Works Products
  • Victoria’s Secret Products
  • Curel Lotion
  • Anti-Aging Products
  • Retin-A Medicated Products
  • Toners containing alcohols or witch hazel
  • Anti-Acne Products
  • Harsh Makeup Removers
  • Depilatory Hair Removal Products (Nair, Veet, Neet, etc.)
  • Body Hair Bleach
  • Perfume or Fragrance (when sprayed directly on the skin)                                                                                                                           

With all this knowledge, you will be able to be proactive in taking care of your spray tan by using the most natural products to protect it, and avoiding the “black list” products that won’t! Happy tanning!


Meet our new BBST Ambassador Katie Platt!

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We have decided to add on more Ambassadors to our already wonderful team! Our first one that we would like to introduce is Katie Platt. We first met Katie last year when she competed in the Mr and Ms SRU bodybuilding show. Let’s get to know Katie!

Katie is a senior at Slippery Rock University who is completing her undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. She is currently in training for the Mr. & Ms. SRU Bodybuilding show, and the NPC Natural Ohio Championships which are both in April. She is completing an internship as a performance coach at Pure Edge Performance Training where she also trains. After graduation in May, she will pursue a full-time career in personal training, while studying for her Master’s degree in Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention and Rehab Science program in the School of Graduate Studies and Research at California University of Pennsylvania. She hopes to keep competing and eventually see herself on the stage at nationals as a figure competitor.

We are thrilled to have Katie part of our team and can’t wait to see her compete in her upcoming shows. Keep an eye out next week for our next Ambassador!

Katie SRU Show 2016

Bohofaux is coming to Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning

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Ever wanted to learn how to braid? Join us for a Basic Braids class hosted by bohofaux: we will be having complimentary beer + wine for a fun girls night out. $30 per person. Call 412.500.1701 to reserve your spot today! Space is limited.

This event will be held at Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning. We are located at 300 Camp Horne Road, Suite 250, Pittsburgh, PA 15202. Parking is available in the lot to the right of the building (Carmel Commons). Just come through the doors with the 300 above it and head up the steps. We are all the way down the hall to the left in suite 250. If you have questions about where we are located, feel free to give us a call at 412-301-5455.

Hope to see you Sunday!

Fitness Competition Season is quickly approaching! Who is doing your spray tan?

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Fitness Shows will be starting soon and you can find one just about every weekend from Spring until Fall. If you are competing in a show this year, are you getting your spray tan done by a professional? Being in the competition spray tanning business for the last 3 1/2 years, I can tell who had their competition tan done professionally and who wanted to save a couple bucks and do it on their own. I am all about saving money, believe me, but when it comes to something that you have worked months on, you want to make sure you look the best on stage. Judges do look at your spray tan! Make sure you are getting one professionally done!

Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning specializes in Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini and Fitness Model Competition spray tanning. We are a very detail oriented company and we make sure you look your best as we know how critical the spray tan is for competition! We truly believe in making your life a little less stressful with helping you feel confident and ready to step onto stage with a flawless spray tan! From the moment we speak with you, we make sure you feel comfortable with what our company has to offer for you during your entire competition. We know how hard you have worked to get to your competition and we understand that we are the last ones to touch all of your hard work so it’s truly an honor for us to make you feel pumped up to get on stage and show everyone what you have been working so hard for.

When you book a competition spray tan with BBST, we spray tan you the day before your show with however many coats you need in order to achieve the right color, and we will even help with touch ups the morning of the show. We also make sure we give you extra solution for touch-ups if we can’t be at the show and your own stage glaze and bikini bite. We show you how to apply it all so that you are ready for the stage with no stress! Also, WE COME TO YOU!!! The day before your show is stressful enough, trying to make sure you have everything you need, so let us come to you. We bring our pop up tent with us and a filter fan, so nothing gets in your house or hotel room. How convenient is that??

#BBST will be the host spray tanning company at the following shows. Make sure to call us to schedule your appointment. We will be at the show all day long with you providing touch ups and anything else you may need for your spray tan. Spray tan appointments will be taken for the day before the show. Spots fill up fast, so make sure you call us ASAP to get the time you want.

April 3rd – Mr & Ms SRU Bodybuilding Show – Slippery Rock, PA

April 9th – Natural Pittsburgh Championships, Murrysville, PA

May 27th – Pittsburgh Fitness Expo – Pittsburgh Natural Show – Monroeville, PA

Other shows are in the works, so make sure to keep checking back to see if your show is one that we will be spraying for.

For more information about our competition spray tanning packages and to view some of our work, visit

http://bronzebeautyst.com/competition-spray-tan/   (you may need to copy the link into your browser)

You can also find our skin prep information on this link. It is VERY important to have your skin prepped before getting sprayed.


Stay warm and safe out there! It’s a snowy one!!! 🙂




How to Host a Fun Girls-Night-In Spray Tan Party

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Did someone say PARTY?!?! <3

We all love a good party, but have you heard of a spray tanning party? It’s the latest craze among ladies who are looking for a different, but fun, night in.

Bronze Beauty has hosted many spray tan parties over the years and they are so much fun! The only rule of a spray tan party is that you must have a minimum of 4 people. That’s it! Of course, you can invite as many friends as you want and if you have 6 or more people who are at the party and get a spray tan, yours will be FREE!! Yes, FREE!!! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Our spray tan party packages start out at $35/person for 4-6 people. If you have 6 or more people, it’s only $30/person and if you have over 12 (holy party!!!), it’s only $25/person. Additional charges to apply if you live over 20 miles of us!

So how does a spray tan party work? Well I am glad you asked ;-). Like any appointment, I come with my handy dandy pop up tent, a filter fan to grab the extra solution so nothing gets on your stuff, and all the different shades so that each person can get the perfect color! Each person will take about 10-15 minutes. I usually tell people that if you have 6 people at the party, I will be there about 2 hours. We set up the tent in a private space in the house so only myself and the client are in the room. While one person gets sprayed, the others can talk about how excited they are to get a spray tan and of course drink some beverages and munch on some snacks. After the person is done with their session, they usually like to go out with the others and show off what they just got. That’s my favorite part! I always like hearing how the girls ohhhh and ahh over the color. Makes my job all worth it!

When everyone is finished spraying, I pack up all my stuff and everyone is left with a gorgeous glow!

And that’s how it is done! So who wants to book a spray tanning party? It’s fun, relaxing, and an excuse to get together and wear comfy clothes! Have additional question? Feel free to call us at 412-301-5455 (you may also text) or email us at tan@bronzebeautyst.com

Until next time….

Happy Bronzing!


-Sarah <3


What Do I Wear During and After My Spray Tan

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This is another popular one I get asked a lot. What do I wear when I get sprayed and what do I wear after I get sprayed.

What to wear during your spray tan:

When you get your spray tan, you WILL get solution on whatever you are wearing in the booth. When I spray, I try not to go over the clothes and just mainly stick to the skin. But sometimes, the solution does get on the clothes. Most of it does wash out. I’ve had clothes covered in solution before and I never had any solution stain the clothing. What I recommend doing is going in with something that is older and if you get sprayed a lot, you don’t mind some solution getting on it. As far as how much clothing you should wear for your appointment, that is totally up to the client. I have a lot of clients go topless and just wear bottoms. I also have a lot who want to wear a top. If you do wear a top, I always make sure it’s low enough or covering the right parts of the skin, so you don’t show tan lines in whatever you are wearing. If you want to wear straps on your top during your session, go right ahead! We want to make sure the client feels comfortable, and would never make them take off clothes they do not want too.

What to wear after your spray tanning session:

SIMPLE…..dark, loose fitting clothes! Emphasis on LOOSE FITTING!! The reason I say dark, is because if you plan on going out after your spray tan or wear a light color, you will see some of the bronzer rub off onto the clothes. Again, it washes out! You want to make sure whatever you are putting on does not hug the skin too tight. If your clothes are too tight, it can rub the tan right off. It’s best to wear loose sweat pants and a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt. Absolutely NO jeans, socks, or leggings. Wait until after your first initial shower to wear these. Ladies, I also recommend to keep your bra straps down after your session. If you keep them up, you will cause tan lines on the shoulders.

Most clients like to get their spray tans at night, so when they are done, they dry a little and hop right into bed. Just to play it safe, I always have my “Spray tanning sheets” on the bed for the night of my tan. The sheets are dark so if I do get any solution on them, it won’t be noticeable and you can wash it right out. I like to wear sweat pants and a long t-shirt to bed. You want to make sure you don’t wear something to heavy that will cause you to sweat. Sweating after a spray tan is not good!!

I hope I was able to answer any questions about what to wear during and after your spray tanning session. Just remember, loose fitting for after and whatever you feel comfortable wearing during your spray tan.

If you have additional questions about this topic, feel free to email me at tan@bronzebeautyst.com

Happy Tanning!

<3 Sarah <3

The Tan Commandments

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I found this perfect image while looking through the many posts on Pinterest about spray tanning. I thought this would be a great blog post and explain a little further, why I love this so  much.

  1. Thou shalt not sunbathe: I will admit it, I laid in that sun and tanning beds non stop from the time I was little up until a couple of years ago. I look through pictures of myself from college and even high school and wonder why my friends never told me I looked RIDICULOUS so tan, in the dead of winter…lol. If you are in the sun, PUT ON SUNSCREEN!!! I would recommend 100 SPF, but that’s just me. Ok, maybe not that much – but protect that skin as much as you can!

2. Thou shalt only use self-tanner or get a spray tan to achieve a natural glow: More and more I hear how quick you see color after getting a spray tan. You can spend months in a tanning bed and you still can’t get the color you desire (well depending on your skin type). After one session with a spray tan, you can get as dark as you want and it only takes 5 minutes! Plus it’s safer than sitting in the sun or a tanning bed. Spray Tanning solutions have come a long way and and do not turn you orange or cause streaking like they used too.

3. Thou shalt exfoliate properly before self-tanning: Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning recommends that you exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to your appointment. This will help clear away any dry, dead skin cells. You want to make sure your skin is not super dry before your appointment because as soon as your skin starts shedding, so does the spray tan. This is especially important to do during the winter, when our skin tends to dry out even more. Even if you aren’t getting a spray tan, it’s good to keep the skin exfoliated and hydrated. BBST sells a great body scrub that helps exfoliate the skin. It has a unique dermal barrier that locks moisture within the top layer of skin. It is also Sulfate and Soap Fee so it gently cleanses without stripping the skin’s amino acids, which work directly with the active sunless ingredient, DHA.

4. Thou shalt use a mitt when applying self-tanner: Nothing is worse than applying a self tanner and trying to wash your hands after thinking you will get all the solution off your palms. Believe me, I’ve had some brown palms and it’s not pretty! That’s one area on your body you do not want tan!

5. Thou shalt coat thy hands, feet, elbows, and knees with lotion prior to self-tanning: BBST does this with all our clients before we apply the solution. Your hands, feet, elbows and knees tend to be the driest part on the body. If your skin is super dry, the solution will stick to that area more and make it darker than the rest of the body.

6. Thou shalt wait for the self-tanner to dry completely and stay away from water for the next four to eight hours: After your sunless application, BBST takes our hose from our spray machine and drys off the skin as much as we can. This is part of the appointment we don’t want to miss. Before putting on clothes, you want to make sure your spray tan is as dry as possible or you could have it rub off onto the clothes and create a mark on the skin. What’s nice about the solution we use, is that it drys very fast and usually after a minute of us drying you off, you are good to put your clothes back on and go. One thing BBST does differently in this statement, is the part about staying away from water for 4-8 hours. We like to have our clients wait 24 hours before taking a full shower with body wash. If you can’t wait the 24 hours to shower, that’s fine. Before the 24 hours, you must do a WARM WATER RINSE. That means no soap, body wash, loofah or wash cloth. Simply stand under the water and rinse off the cosmetic bronzer. We do tell our clients if they need to use body wash for certain areas of the body, you can do so by apply a small amount to the palms of your hands and dabbing the skin. But not the whole body!! If you are still on the fence about waiting 24 hours, then try our rapid solution. This allows you to shower within 4-6 hours.

7. Thou shalt sleep in loose, dark clothing: After your spray tan, you MUST put on dark loose fitting clothing. I understand sometimes you want to be stylish or have to go out after your spray tan, but putting on those tight jeans, or tight shirts will ruin your spray tan! The clothes will rub against the skin and pretty much rub off the tan. Since BBST comes to your home, you don’t have to worry about going out in public with your loose fitting clothes. Most of the time, clients get their tans at night so all they have to do is go to bed and wake up with a beautiful looking tan.

8. Though shalt pat, not rub, thy skin dry after a shower: This statement pretty much explains itself. Rubbing the skin with a towel after a shower, can rub the tan right off. BE GENTLE WITH YOUR SKIN AFTER A SPRAY TAN!!!

9. Thou shalt not use products containing oil on thy skin when thou has a faux glow: Products with oil can strip away the tan and it won’t last as long. Make sure the lotions you use after your spray tan do not contain oil. BBST offers a great after tan lotion that has a gradual bronzer in it so it helps the spray tan last even longer than the typical 5-7 days. It’s called Pro-Long – ask for it at your next appointment!

10. Thou shalt not exfoliate after self-tanning: As mentioned above, exfoliating the skin before your spray tan appointment helps clear away the dead skin. If you do this after your spray tan, guess what, you are clearing away your spray tan.

I hope you enjoyed the Tan Commandments. Feel free to ask any questions with regards to skin prep and after care instructions for your spray tan! Make sure to review our skin prep and after care instructions on our website – www.bronzebeautyst.com.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

-Sarah <3


Getting into the Holiday Spirit

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It seems like yesterday, I was enjoying the hot sun, excited that summer was finally here and thinking to myself, I am going to do SO much this summer. Well, here we are, Nov. 17th, and did I do everything I wanted this summer you ask? NOPE! But that’s OK. I can’t complain too much because I was blessed to be so busy with the spray tanning business and it just keeps growing and growing.

So now that it is November, it’s time to start thinking about the Holiday’s and helping those in need. If you follow Bronze Beauty Spray Tanning on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you probably saw the promotion we are running for the next couple of weeks. Bring a new, unwrapped toy to your appointment and receive $10 off your spray tan. We are off to a slow start with the toys, and I mean REALLY slow – come on people, who wants to donate a toy!??! If you aren’t the spray tanning type, that’s fine, I will still take a toy! We are just a few short weeks away from the deadline to bring in a toy (Dec. 3rd) so if you have been thinking about getting a spray tan, now would be the time!

Once all the toys have been collected, I will be taking them down to the Ohio Township Fire Hall to drop them off. All the toys collected are for the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots Program.

Let’s help a kid have a wonderful Christmas!

You can call, text or email us to schedule your appointment or schedule a time for us to come grab your toy. YES, we will come get your toy. What service, huh? 😉 Here are our digits – 412-301-5455 and our email is tan@bronzebeautyst.com.

Now what are you waiting for??

Enjoy your week and happy spray tanning!