FAQ for Spray Tanning

Summer is HERE your perfect summer glow needs to be too! If you’ve never gotten a spray tan before and have some questions, we are here to help! Below are a few of our frequently asked questions from clients that we get ALL of the time:


When is the best time to get a spray tan before an event?

Great question! For your tan to fully develop into the best possible color, it’s best to get your spray tan 2-3 days before your event. Also, make sure to do a few rinses before the event to ensure that you have rinsed all of the cosmetic bronzer off the skin so nothing transfers to your clothes!


How long should I wait after getting a spray tan before I shower?

The longer you wait to shower, the better the results. Sooooo we recommend trying to wait at least a day before showering or bathing! If you must shower, you should wait a minimum of 8-10 hours after the application with our regular solution and around 2-4 hours with our rapid solution. If you must shower before the 24-hour recommendation, rinse with warm water only, but definitely do not use soap or body wash because soap destroys the DHA (aka the active ingredient in our spray tan solution).


Will I turn orange?

Absolutely not! The “orange” color, as it is sometimes called, is the result of high pH levels within the skin or using too high of a percentage of DHA on the skin, but the solution that we use at Bronze Beauty has a perfect blend of cosmetic bronzers. Our solution will give you that “just off the beach” look and transition smoothly into your DHA color that will later develop.


Have more questions?? Please feel free to visit our FAQ page on our website, or shoot us a message on social media. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have! Happy Tanning!





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