What is a Rapid Spray Tan and Why Do I Need One?

what is a rapid spray tan

So, you’ve heard all about these ‘rapid’ spray tans, but you’re not exactly sure what it is, how it works, or if you need one. Well, for starters, a rapid tanning solution is exactly what it sounds like… a spray tanning solution that develops rapidly! It’s formulated to simply develop faster on the skin versus regular solution.

As far as whether or not you should get one, there are normally 3 main reasons why someone would prefer a rapid spray tan over a regular spray tan:


If you’ve got NO time:

If you’re about to hop on an airplane, attend a special event, or you’re just a mom who can’t afford to not be touched for 8 hours… a rapid spray tan is for you! It’s as simple as leaving it on for 2-6 hours (depending on how dark you want to be), jumping in the shower for a warm-water rinse, and you’re good to go!

And remember… when it comes to the first shower, you always do a WARM WATER RINSE only! That means no soap, shampoo, or condition during this first initial rinse! You also want to just pat yourself dry, no rubbing with a towel! Also, try to avoid putting lotion on after the first rinse, unless you tend to have super dry skin.


If you like to control your color:

As we said above, you leave the tanning solution on your skin for anywhere between 2-6 hours, allowing YOU to control the shade of your tan. Some rapid tans can be left on for longer, however, we recommend doing that only if you’re already very dark complected. We do not recommend leaving it on for more than 4 hours if you’ve got naturally fair-colored skin.

A little fun fact about the rapid solution is after the first initial rinse, you will get out of the shower looking like you have little to no color. This is completely normal and the tan will continue to develop on your skin and become more visible a few hours after your rinse. We recommend, for the best color, to not take your second regular shower until a full 24 hours after your first rinse. This will allow the solution to fully develop.

At BBST, our rapid solution will give you the same color as our regular solution, so if you always get the regular with us and want to try the rapid, know that it will turn out the same and last the same amount of time as the regular.


If you don’t like to sleep in your tan:

Finally, rapid spray tans are perfect for people who don’t like to sleep in spray tanning solution. If you have white sheets or don’t want any solution to rub on your pajamas, a rapid tan allows you to rinse off before bed with absolutely no residue!


In conclusion, we LOVE rapid tans, and feel that they are super convenient for most people! So if you relate to any or all of these points, we highly recommend you check out a rapid spray tan during your next session! Happy Tanning!

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  • Unfortunately, I’ll have to take a real shower early afternoon next day after my rapid tanning session which will take place at 1:30pm. Uh oh. Will this screw up my tan?

    Thanks so much,



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