What Can I Expect When I Make an Appointment with Bronze Beauty?

The majority of my clients never had a spray tan of any kind before. Or if they did, they had one in a booth and had a terrible experience. I always try and educate my clients on what they can expect during their spray tanning session. So in this blog, I will give you the sneak peak of what to expect when you get a spray tan with Bronze Beauty.

As soon as I (or one of our spray techs) enters your home, we find the best place to do the spray tan. I recommend a place that is well lit and can accommodate a 8ft tent and also has an outlet. (see picture below of my tent!) I’ve sprayed in every room and area of a house before. The bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, basement, game room, you name it – we can fit in! Once I set up my equipment, (this usually takes about 5-7 minutes) we start the session. The most common question I get (besides, will I turn Orange?) is what do I wear during a session? I leave that up to the client and whatever their comfort level is. I want this to be as comfortable as possible. Most people go topless and have bottoms, or they wear a strapless top of some kind with bottoms, I even have some people go nude. It’s all up to you! Once we put the hair net and barrier cream on, I spray you down with a pre mist spray. This pre mist will help moisturize your skin and really soak in the tan to make it attach to the skin. After the pre mist, comes the real stuff. I spray whatever shade we selected for you and cover the body. After the actually spray is on you, I then take a post mist and do one last light spray. This helps make the tan pop and also helps with fading. After that last spray, I dry you off and you are good to put your clothes back on! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR DARK LOOSE FITTING CLOTHES after your spray tanning session! Tight clothes will make the tan smudge or come off. We don’t want that now, do we?? In about 2-4 hours you will notice your color getting darker and will continue to darken as the day/night goes on. Once you get your first shower, that cosmetic bronzer will wash off and you are left with a beautiful tan!

Believe it or not, the whole spray process takes less than 10 minutes. So that means, I am in and out of your house in less than 20 minutes. It’s that quick!! Amazing, huh? 😉

So if you never had a spray tan before and always wanted to know how the process of coming to your house works, you know now!

Check out what my set up looks like in someone’s house….pretty cool, huh? It’s like having your own spray tanning studio right in your house!

Feel free to send any questions to me at tan@bronzebeautyst.com. I love getting questions and educating people on spray tanning!

If you would like to hear about other topics on spray tanning, send those my way too! I have some great ideas for this blog, but would love to know what you want to know about.

Stay Golden! 🙂


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