I know it’s been a while….have you missed us? Today’s blog – getting to know the Birthday Girl Jamie Harshman!

I know it’s been a while….have you missed us? Today’s blog – getting to know the Birthday Girl Jamie Harshman!

If you follow Jamie on social media, make sure to wish her a Happy Birthday today. We met Jamie back in March or April I would say. We sprayed her for her first show ever and I am so glad she is part of the BBST Family. Jamie is the sweetest, down-to-earth girl and has […]

It’s All About the PRODUCTS!!!

You are probably thinking, I don’t need anything to help with my spray tan. My skin is well moisturized on its own and I never have any issues with it. Well that’s great to hear, however, your skin DOES need some attention after a spray tan, no matter how moisturized it is. In this blog, I […]

It’s Jeremiah’s Turn – let’s spend some time getting to know our next BBST Sponsored Athlete

Jeremiah has been a client of BBST for many years now. We watched him grow as an amazing athlete at SRU and was there when he placed at the Kumite Classic Bodybuilding show last year. It was after his big win at the Kumite that we decided to partner up and make Jeremiah part of the […]

Here Comes the Bride……

I want to get a spray tan for my wedding, but I am afraid I will be orange and the spray tan will get on my dress! This is the most common question we get from Brides. It’s a great question to ask. I would be asking the same questions for my wedding if I […]

Bodybuilding Competition Season is upon us – who is doing your spray tan?

Not only does Bronze Beauty specialize in regular spray tanning for your every day events, but we also specialize in competition spray tanning. Competition Spray Tanning is an art of its own. Instead of applying one coat, like a regular tan, we apply anywhere from two to five coats. YES 5 COATS! Yikes, that’s a […]

Make Sure Your Skin is PREPPED!!!

This is a HUGE rule for spray tanning. SKIN PREP!! If your skin is not properly prepped, your spray tan can come out looking blotchy, smudge, or fade unevenly. Even though we spray the skin with solution, it’s the clients responsibility before and after their session to take care of their skin. Once you leave […]

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